"You can’t fix everything, so you might as well focus on what really matters. What are the biggest core problems you need to address? Work relentlessly on those."

I am a passionate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Scalex Growth Partners. I also work as a professional scale up Chairman and Non-Exec. I increase the value of companies and reduce risk, as well as help entrepreneurs to focus more on what they enjoy (and less of what they dislike!). Many small businesses in Sweden reach a turnover ceiling of 100m SEk and I want to smash that! The answer is to work in a structured and aware way with your owner and board work. At Scalex we support entrepreneurs to unlock their potential by providing a fun and easy to work with model for this workflow. I recruited my first Chair when I was 27 and have been working extensively with professional owner and board work for over 20 years. What makes me different is that I like to challenge the norms and I work with Boards in a new and fresh way that is different to the old school approach. Entrepreneur friendly – fun, challenging and results focussed. My experience is varied. 3i, private equity London and professional business ownership, Andersen – I am a charted accountant by background, Specsavers – working with one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs). Since moving to Sweden 12 years ago I have been working heavily with startups, venture capital and also ambitious entrepreneurs. I am passionate about the critical importance of board work in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential.