Scale capacity and talent

Organize for growth, ensure capacity to deliver on plans

Great leaders aren't know-it-alls who constantly try to outshine ... It's about building a team with the smartest people you can find.


5 critical owner mistakes that can stop your scale up

The inspiration for this post is help you as the owner to understand what the critical mistakes are. This is the first step in avoiding them.

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Key leadership and scale roles
We help put together the management team so that there is capacity to grow in a healthy and sustainable way. This could mean, for example, freeing up the CEO's time by bringing in a part-time financial manager early on to handle financial reporting, forecasting, scenario planning and financing.
Systems that enable scaling
We help support the process of creating competitive advantage by investing in systems and technology. This may involve guiding you to the right expertise or finding the right CTO to lead the effort, perhaps on a part-time basis from the start.
Motivation and performance
We help you set and monitor business objectives, aligning vision and goals with team execution. Keep your team aligned by using measurable goals and objectives. Take advantage of incentive programs to attract, motivate and retain talent.